(as amended at the AGM of October 2009)

  1. The society known as the Friends of Tutton's Well is deemed to have commenced on 1st January 2002.
  2. Its objectives are to continue the work of the predecessor organization begun in 1996, the Tutton's Well Preservation Society, by endeavouring to preserve, retain, enhance and restore the historical features of the open space known as Tutton's Well, Stanpit, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 3ND, England.
    1. These objectives will be met by fund raising, publicity, a website, public meetings and any other lawful activity deemed appropriate and complicit with highest aspiration held by the Friends initiatives, supported by our patron Tom Tutton.
    2. The society's website shall remain the property of the Friends.
    3. The website may be managed and maintained by a member designated by the committee.
  3. Membership of the society shall be open to anyone who shares the objectives described in 2 above.
    1. There shall be a committee of up to ten people to include a chairman and secretary.
    2. Meetings will be held as and when needed but at least quarterly. An annual general meeting shall be held in October each year.
    3. Meetings may be held informally with less than a quorum of committee members but all decisions will be subject to approval by a quorum at a subsequent meeting. The quorum shall be four committee members present at any meeting. The chairman will have the casting vote.
    4. New committee members may join the society by simple majority vote at a committee meeting.
    5. Non-committee members may attend and contribute to meetings but will not be able to vote on issues which are decided by a vote.
    6. The committee members may terminate their office by resignation at any time. Officers vacated by resignation must be filled by vote at the same or next committee meeting (temporary officers may be seconded).
    7. A committee member may be removed from membership if they are deemed by a simple majority vote not to share the objectives of the society (see 2 above). In like manner, if conduct causes offence.
  4. A proper record of expenditure will be kept with funds held in a bank account with three authorised signatories as voted by the committee; e.g. chairman and secretary and treasurer.
    1. A subscription may be sought from members at the discretion of the committee, such agreement to be ratified at the following AGM or EGM.
  5. The AGM. Notice of the AGM will be sent to the members 28 days prior to it being held. The AGM will transact the following business:
    1. Receive the reports of the officers of the committee.
    2. Receive and approve the statement of the society's accounts for the preceding year.
    3. Adopt if approved any amendments to the constitution as described in 6 below.
    4. The posts of chairman secretary and treasurer shall be filled by nomination and seconded, and election by majority vote each year.
    5. Deal with any other business as required by the committee.
  6. Any amendment of this constitution will need the consent of a simple majority of those present at an AGM or at an EGM (emergency general meeting) specifically called for the purpose, with notice sent to Tom Tutton thereafter.
  7. An EGM may be convened at any time by a simple majority vote of the committee and will have the same powers and procedures as an AGM.
  8. The society may be terminated by a simple majority of the committee at any time, subject to the approval of a simple majority of members present at an AGM or EGM held to discuss any such resolution taken by the committee. Any monies held at the time of termination will be returned to Tom Tutton; any equipment or goods will either be sold with money given to Tom Tutton, or given to another charitable organization with approval of Tom Tutton. The website may be maintained (in trust until a society of similar objectives is instituted) independently, transferred to the ownership of Christchurch County Council or terminated according to a simple majority vote of the committee.